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Motion Sensor Light with Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery
  • Motion Sensor Light with Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

Motion Sensor Light with Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

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  1. Motion Sensor Light with Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery


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  • The no built-in LED variant of the series, the ESS-100 can be integrated with external lighting, as a sensor that turns them on when it detects the presence of an occupant.
  • The ESS-100 automatically switches lights on or off, using Pa-PIR passive infrared sensor technology; which detects motion as well as body temperature, ensuring spaces are illuminated only when they are occupied.
  • This easy to install Motion Sensor is ideal for residential, commercial, and office spaces; allowing you to save up to 60% of your lighting-related energy consumption.
  • Now you can enhance both the sustainability and occupant experience of your built spaces, at the same time. Smart lighting was never so easy


        1. Before installation, please read the instructions carefully, and preserve them for future reference.

        2. Keep away from heating/streaming/ air conditioning devices.                                                                                         

        3. Don’t impact the lens with any object.


         1. Switch off the power.

         2. Turn the bottom-stand Clockwise, and take it off. The power wire cross the hole in the middle of bottom-stand.

         3. Fix the bottom-stand onto the selected position with inflated screw.

         4. Connect the power and the load into the connection-wire column of the sensor according to connection-wire diagram.

         5. Aim the Sensor towards the mouth of the bottom-stand and turn it anti-clockwise


         1. Detection-angle/Detection -distance/Installation height are shown in the accompanying figure. a. Detection angles are 92°(Vertical)/102°(Horizontal).           2. You can adjust time delay (TIME)/ambient light (LUX) using adjustment knobs as shown in the figure. a. Time delay is adjustable from 15 Sec to 9                   Min(+/-10%). To increase time delay, please turn the adjustment knob clockwise.

         3. Ambient light sensitivity level is adjustable between 5-1000 LUX. a. To use sensor in daylight conditions please turn the adjustment knob                                 counterclockwise. In poor illuminated environment adjust the knob clockwise. I

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