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Fire Alarm 4 Zone Control Panel
  • Fire Alarm 4 Zone Control Panel

Fire Alarm 4 Zone Control Panel

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4 Zone LCD Control panel



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The Ravel Fire Alarm 4 Zone Control Panel is a CE-approved, state-of-the-art fire safety solution that provides reliable and efficient fire detection and notification. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, the control panel integrates advanced features for easy installation, user-friendly operation, and comprehensive monitoring. With the ability to manage four separate fire alarm zones, this panel provides a robust and scalable approach to fire safety management.


Advanced Display

The control panel comes with a 16 x 2 dot matrix LCD display that offers clear and concise information about the system's status, including active zones, fault status, and system alerts. This ensures that operators can quickly and easily understand the condition of the system at a glance.

Standby Power Backup

For added reliability, the control panel includes standby battery backup with built-in charging. This allows the system to continue operating in the event of a power outage, ensuring continuous fire protection.

Switch Mode Power Supply

The panel features a switch mode power supply that provides stable and efficient power to the system. This helps maintain consistent performance and extends the lifespan of the equipment.

Tactile Keypad

A tactile keypad is provided for easy panel operation, enabling users to navigate the system's functions effortlessly. This design choice improves user experience and reduces the risk of operational errors.

Visual and Audible Warnings

The control panel includes low battery visual warnings with audible tones to alert operators to potential issues. In addition, fire and fault status are clearly indicated with unambiguous colored LED lights.

Programmable Relays and Outputs

The system comes equipped with 2 programmable relays for fire, supervisory, and fault conditions, as well as programmable auxiliary outputs. These features provide flexibility for customizing the system to suit specific application needs.

Zone Configuration and Testing

Smoke detectors and other regularly open contact devices are accepted in all zones. Any zone can be configured as alarm or supervisory based on requirements. Additionally, the control panel supports zone-wise isolation and one-man walk test facility for easy maintenance and testing.

Lamp and Drill Test Facility

The control panel includes a lamp test and drill test facility to verify the functionality of the system's indicators and alarms. By doing this, you can be sure the system will always function at its best.

Event Logging and Configuration

A 100 all events log with real-time clock (RTC) records system events, allowing operators to review historical data for analysis and troubleshooting. The panel also includes date, time, and password configuration options for enhanced security.

Auto Silence and Sounder Options

The control panel offers programmable auto silence facility to control alarm duration and volume, as well as zone-wise sounder and contact options for customizing the system's response to different zones.

TCP-IP and GSM Capability

For advanced communication options, the panel supports TCP-IP and GSM connectivity (optional). This allows for remote monitoring and alerts via network connections or cellular communication.

Supervised Field Wiring Circuits

All field wiring circuits are supervised, ensuring that the system remains reliable and secure in the event of a fault.

Technical Specifications

  • Primary Power: 120 / 230VAC +10% -15%, 60 / 50 Hz, 50W

  • Standby Power: 24VDC (2 Nos of 12V, 3.5Ah Sealed Lead acid battery), Quiescent current: 55mA

  • Operating Conditions: Temperature range from 0 – 49°C / 32 – 120°F, Relative Humidity: 93 ± 2% RH (non-condensing) at 32 ± 2°C / 90 ± 3°F

  • Quiescent Current: 40mA for 2 zones, 50mA for 4 zones

  • Charging Circuit: Charging voltage of 28V ± 5%, charging current of 350mA (max)

  • 24VDC: Quantity of 1, continuous or resettable (regulated) voltage, current max of 100mA

  • Notification Appliance Circuits: Class B wiring style, quantity of 1, operating voltage of 24VDC (regulated), current max of 350mA, EOL resistor of 4K7, 1/2 watt

  • Relays: Form C type, 2 programmable relays, relay contact rating of 1A @ 30VDC, power factor of 1.0

  • Initiating Device Circuits: Class B wiring style, quantity of 2 or 4, normal operating voltage of 14 – 21VDC, alarm current of 15 – 35mA, short circuit current of 42mA (max), loop resistance of 50Ω (max), EOL resistor of 4K7, ½ watt, standby current of 6.8mA (2.4mA for detectors)

  • RS 485: Nodes of 1, Class B wiring style, twisted pair wire type, circuit length of 1.2 Km (max), loop resistance of 100Ω

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 300L x 200W x 95D

  • Wire Size: 1.5 sq mm

  • IP Rating: IP60

  • Color: Black

  • Material: FRABS plastic

  • Entry Cable: 11 x æ19 mm Disassembly above the cabinet

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