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Fire Alarm 16 Zone Control Panel
  • Fire Alarm 16 Zone Control Panel

Fire Alarm 16 Zone Control Panel

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16 Zone LCD Control panel



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The Ravel Fire Alarm 16 Zone Control Panel is an advanced fire alarm system designed to enhance the safety and security of buildings and their occupants. This sophisticated control panel boasts a range of features that make it highly effective in monitoring, detecting, and responding to fire emergencies. With its user-friendly design and compliance with stringent industry standards, it provides reliable protection and peace of mind.

Key Features and Compliance

The Ravel Fire Alarm 16 Zone Control Panel complies with UL-864 and NFPA-72 standards, ensuring top-tier safety and reliability in fire alarm systems. These certifications confirm the panel's adherence to the latest safety requirements and its ability to function optimally under various conditions.

User-Friendly Design

The panel features a 20 x 4 dot matrix LCD display, providing clear and concise information about the system's status and any alarms that may occur. The touch keypad interface allows for easy operation and interaction with the panel, making it accessible to users of all experience levels.

Power Supply and Backup

Operating on 120-220V 60/50 Hz AC mains power supply, the control panel can be integrated seamlessly into most building electrical systems. Additionally, it includes a standby (battery) backup 24V DC power supply with a built-in charger, ensuring continuous operation in case of power outages.

Robust Build and Class B Circuits

The control panel is finished with an epoxy powder coating, providing durability and protection against environmental factors. The system includes Class-B, Style B/C initiating device circuits (IDCs), which accommodate smoke detectors and any normally open contact devices. These circuits ensure accurate monitoring and swift response to potential fire hazards.

Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs)

The Ravel Fire Alarm 16 Zone Control Panel includes Class B Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) that can be programmed as auto silence or silence inhibit. This flexibility allows for customized alert management based on the needs of the building and its occupants.

Event Storage and Monitoring

The panel can store up to 1000 events with real-time clock (RTC) capabilities, providing a comprehensive log of system activity. Main and standby status are clearly indicated with audible and visual cues, ensuring quick identification and response to any system changes.

Fire and Fault Relays

The panel features two form C relays for fire and fault indications, providing reliable signaling for different types of events. These relays ensure clear differentiation between fire and fault scenarios, enabling precise response measures.

Additional Output and Communication

The control panel includes resettable and steady 24V DC outputs for additional system integration. It offers RS 485 communication facilities, allowing for seamless connectivity with other devices and systems. Optional TCP/IP and MODBUS integrations enable compatibility with building management systems (BMS), enhancing overall building control.

Optional Features

Several optional features are available for the Ravel Fire Alarm 16 Zone Control Panel, including PC software for advanced system management and external zone-wise sounders/contact via RS 485. These additional options allow for tailored customization based on the building's specific requirements.

Field Wiring and Zone Isolation

All field wiring circuits are supervised, ensuring consistent monitoring and integrity of the system. The zone isolation feature allows for targeted loop voltage cut-off, providing precise control over individual zones in case of maintenance or testing.

Connectivity and Integration

The control panel can connect up to 16 panels in a single network, offering extensive coverage for larger buildings and facilities. It also supports connectivity with public address systems (PA) through RS 485 communication, enabling comprehensive emergency communication throughout the premises.

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