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20 Pair DP Box
  • 20 Pair DP Box

20 Pair DP Box

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20 Pair DP Box

20-pair telephone crone box, also known as a 20-pair distribution box, is a specific type of junction box used in telecommunications networks to distribute and terminate 20 pairs of copper-based telephone cables.



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·        Cable Termination: The box is equipped with terminals or blocks where the 20-pair telephone cables are terminated. Each pair of wires is typically connected to designated terminals or connectors, ensuring proper identification and ease of maintenance.

·        Cable Management: The crone box provides a structured and organized environment for managing the cables. It may include features such as cable guides, tie-down points, and cable management accessories to secure and route the cables neatly.

·        Cross-Connection: The crone box allows for cross-connection of the terminated cables. This means that specific pairs of wires can be interconnected within the box, enabling the distribution of signals to different destinations or extensions.

·        Jumper Wire Connections: Jumper wires or patch cords are used to establish the cross-connections between the different pairs of wires within the crone box. These patch cords are typically terminated with connectors that can be easily plugged into the appropriate terminals or blocks.

·        Protection and Security: The crone box provides physical protection for the cable terminations, preventing damage from environmental factors or unauthorized access. It may have a lockable cover or other security features to ensure the integrity of the connections.

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