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600Kg Sliding Gate System
  • 600Kg Sliding Gate System

600Kg Sliding Gate System

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Sliding gate operator System 220vAC 50HZ, max door weight: 600kgs (RF Remotes = 2, Mounting plate = 1)



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The Livfuture 600Kg Sliding Gate System is a heavy-duty, automated gate system designed to handle gates weighing up to 600 kg. It offers a range of features that make it a reliable choice for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Whether you want to secure your home, office, or factory, this system ensures smooth operation and enhances the security of your premises.

1. Installation Options

The Livfuture 600Kg Sliding Gate System offers flexibility in installation. It can be fitted in various ways to accommodate your property's layout and aesthetic preferences:

  • Between the Gate Posts: The system can be installed between the gate posts for a seamless appearance and efficient operation.

  • Behind the Gate Posts: Alternatively, it can be installed behind the gate posts, keeping the system discreet and out of sight.

  • In Front of the Gate Posts: If necessary, the system can also be placed in front of the gate posts, offering versatility in installation options.

This adaptability allows you to customize the installation to suit your property's unique needs.

2. Remote and Switch Operation

Convenience is at the forefront of the Livfuture 600Kg Sliding Gate System's design. The system can be operated using a remote control or a physical switch, providing you with multiple control options:

  • Remote Control: With a remote control, you can open and close the gate from a distance, ensuring smooth and hassle-free access to your property.

  • Switch Operation: For manual control, you can operate the system using a switch, giving you precise control over the gate's movement.

Additionally, the system is compatible with various access control methods, such as RFID and biometric systems, providing you with advanced security options.

3. Flashing Lamp for Notification

Safety is a primary concern when operating automated gate systems. The Livfuture 600Kg Sliding Gate System includes a flashing lamp that activates when the gate is in operation. This lamp serves as a visual warning to pedestrians and drivers, indicating that the gate is in motion. This safety feature helps prevent accidents and ensures a smooth, secure operation.

4. Adjustable Auto-Closing Gate Delay Time

For added convenience, the Livfuture 600Kg Sliding Gate System offers an adjustable auto-closing gate delay time. This feature allows you to set the delay time for the gate to close automatically after it has been opened. This ensures that the gate closes promptly and securely, providing peace of mind and enhancing security.

5. Optional Magnetic Door Alarm

For those seeking an extra layer of security, the Livfuture 600Kg Sliding Gate System can be equipped with an optional magnetic door alarm. When the gate is in a closed position, this alarm system adds a protective measure by detecting any unauthorized attempts to open the gate. In case of tampering, the alarm will activate, alerting you to potential intrusions.

6. Photocell for Automatic Return

Safety is of the utmost importance, particularly with automated gates. The Livfuture 600Kg Sliding Gate System features a photocell that detects resistance during gate closing. If an obstacle is detected in the gate's path, the system automatically reverses the gate's direction, preventing any potential accidents or damage. This safety mechanism ensures smooth operation and protects against hazards.

7. Manual Gate Opening in Power Outages

Power outages can be a concern with automated gate systems. However, the Livfuture 600Kg Sliding Gate System includes a manual gate opening feature for situations when power is unavailable. This feature allows you to manually open the gate, ensuring that you can still access your property even in the event of a power failure. This level of preparedness ensures that you won't be left stranded outside your property.

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